Custom drills

When you add your custom drills to the system, all you need to know is what you want. You can access all settings in a user-friendly environment, and control the lights just the way we built the pre-loaded drills that comes with the app.

Some of the settings include lights time-out values, light colours, sequence type, drill name, difficulty levels, and of course illustrations and video that comes with the drill in the user interface.

It takes just a few minutes to create a new custom drill. When it is added to the app, it is your private drill for your own use only. It is not for sharing. Keep your own custom drills as your business secret. It is all about winning.

Setting the team

A coach can add one or more teams, and invite players to join a team.

When players are added to the team, the training data for players are added to the training sessions for the team. This allows the coach to calculate the average performance of a team and compare teams.

Teams change over time, and players are injured now and then. It is fast and easy to remove or add a player to a team or a training session. You have the flexibility that you need.

In order to add a player to a team, you will need to know the phone number, email, or app nickname for the player. We do our best to preserve your integrity and private data as a football player, of course.

If the player is in a club and the club is using the Club Backoffice Suite, then the player can be found by the coach using a full-text search.

Training Sessions

As a coach, you can plan your entire team’s practice well in advance. You can select the date, time and location, add the players, divide them into groups such as strikers, midfielders, and defenders, and you can build a library of drills for the training session.

If you add the groups to the drills, you are ready for the training session.

Perhaps you are a bit lazy when it comes to planning. Not as a coach, of course, but you are just smart and like to save time? We got your back covered. You can easily copy a training session and re-use it later. It would, of course, be very very smart if you could tweak the training session and remove a drill, add another one, and perhaps change the groups a bit.

We did that for you, so your planning time will be a minimum.


What is a sequence in Goal Station? Think about various ways to set up a drill.

We have the normal sequence. When the player hits a light, another light will be turned on randomly. It can even be the same rebounder you have to hit again. The normal sequence is useful in many situations, as it is the most simple to use.

You can also use a fixed lights sequence. When you create a custom drill, you can decide the exact order of lights. The advantage is you can make a complex setup with rebounders apart from each other, and you can have a player run in a pattern and the drill execution is fully predictable. If you make simple drills, the disadvantage is that the players that are up next will remember the sequence, so they can easily beat the first players if having a good memory.

The indicator sequence is using multiple lights and light colours. You can set up a drill, where there’s a blue and a red light at the same time. When you hit the blue, the red light will turn blue and be the next light to hit. Another light will turn red. The indicator sequence will help the player to hit the next rebounder faster, but only if the player is good at scanning for the red light while hitting the blue.

The home-to-base sequence can be used so one of the lights is the base, and it will turn on every second time. The other lights are randomly selected. The player will hit the base rebounder first, then turn around and hit the next rebounder. Since the base is hit every second time, it is the scanning ability when turning that comes into play. The home-to-base sequence is often used with multiple players taking part in the same drill, so they can improve their results using communication skills and a focus on passing directions when doing a hand-over of the ball.

Goal Station Business Intelligence Suite

Are you interested in business intelligence and would like to know more about the performance of your players, coaches, and teams? Look no further.

You can get access to live data from every single training session in your club with the Goal Station Business Intelligence Suite.

Connect the data set from Goal Station with Microsoft Power BI or another business intelligence tool. You will get a real-time data flow from our system to your BI-installation for every coach you have in your club and all of their team players.

Once a new player is added to a team, you will get new data into your business intelligence system, and if a player leaves for another club, the data flow for that player will stop. You will, of course, keep the historical data for the player, as it is a part of the coach’s statistics.