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Rebounder Pro

Improve your first touch, passings, agility and reaction time! The Rebounder Pro is the perfect tool for coaches, freeing them to give feedback to their players, instead of having to focus on serving or feeding balls into play.

Improve your first touch

The Rebounder Pro simulates passing to and receiving from a teammate, generating endless possibilities to achieve technical skill mastery.

Intensify your training session with Rebounders and improve your game with no need for teammates. The Rebounder act as a teammate and will always be a part of your team.

The Rebounder is the perfect tool for coaches and freeing them up to give solid feedback to their players. You don’t need to focus on serving or feeding balls into play when you have an extra coach in the Rebounder. It can also be utilized for reaction training for goalkeepers.

Our Rebounders can be combined with our Ignite Trainers to improve your passing training and your reaction time. Connect our Ignite Trainers to our Goal Station app and start training with our drills or set up your own drills.

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The perfect first touch

  • Improve first touch.
  • Improve fast feet.
  • Improve agility.
  • Improve reaction time.
  • Improve balance.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Improve organization.
  • Improve decision-making.



Technical specifications
Dimensions in L x W x H:
Centimeters: 150 x 50 x 50
Weight: 28 kg
The Rebounder panel is 2 cm thick

Rebounder Pro can be combined with our Ignite Trainer to intensify your passing training and improve your reaction time. It can be used in many different drills and gives the player all the opportunities to improve their passing game.

Rebounder Pro is also fitted with a wheel on the side, making it easy to transport around on the field. It can also be angeled upside down for even more passing opportunities.

Buy the Rebounder Pro on our webshop here!

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