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Rebounder Play

Rebounder Play is our at-home edition of our Rebounders and is easier to set up for younger football players.

It simulates passing to and receiving from a teammate, generating endless possibilities to improve your skills.

The Rebounder Play is perfect for kids who wanna train at home or in the backyard to improve their first touch and reaction time.

It can also be adjusted to specific angles making it much more fun to train at home.

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Rebounder Pro

Rebounder Pro is our training tool for professional and amateur football clubs.

It simulates passing to and receiving from a teammate, generating endless possibilities to improve technical skills.

The perfect tool for a club, freeing up coaches to give feedback to their players, and can also be utilized for reaction training for goalkeepers.

Rebounder Pro is for getting that perfect first touch without a teammate.

The Rebounder Pro is made for football clubs and professionals.

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Ignite Trainer

Ignite Trainer is a wireless and intelligent light placed on rebounders to indicate, which target the player should hit.

Easy integration with various Goal Station products, the multi-functional use of the Ignite Trainer makes them one of a kind.

Adapt the speed, color, and audio of the Ignite Trainer and the ability level to maximize the intensity and complexity of the training session. 

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The Focus Wall

The Focus Wall enhances your shooting ability by striking quickly and randomly in different locations in the Goal Station Arena.

You can create a variety of challenging shooting drills for individual players or a team.

The Focus Wall W2 is a stand-alone model that can be used without the Goal Station Arena.

Create a competitive atmosphere, keep track of the data with our Goal Station App, and see how you and others perform over time.

The system is completely wireless.

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Football Cannon

Football Cannon shoots the ball with a never before seen accuracy and consistency, giving both coach and player the best working conditions possible.

The Football Cannon also ensures more systematic special training where goalkeepers, defenders, and strikers can train ball reception and handling by means of various shot patterns.

Improving and fine-tuning these core competencies and skills require special training – individually, in groups, and in full teams.

Some of the most important elements in special training are repetition and precision of the exercises aimed at improving player competencies. The Football Cannon ensures repetition and accuracy every time.

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Focus Trainer Pro

With the Focus Trainer, you get our Rebounder Pro and our Ignite Trainer.

The Ignite Trainers allow for self-training when you are alone and are in need of a training partner.

The Focus Trainer Pro also gives the coach the freedom to train the players and give them feedback instead of having his/her attention focused on making passes or starting the play. In addition, it is an exceptional tool for training a goalkeeper’s reaction time.

The Ignite Trainer is easy to set up and is adjustable according to the player’s needs. Use the Ignite Trainer to work on vision, awareness, orientation, reaction time, and decision-making.

The Rebounder Pro is easy to transport by using the wheel at the back - the angles of play are simple to adjust.

The Focus 360 Pro

Focus 360 facilitates speed and precision, accelerated orientation, reaction time, and decision-making while it takes your game to the next level.

Focus 360 is used by youths and professional clubs, organizations, companies, and leagues around the world. Completely mobile and wireless and can be put down in less than 15 minutes.

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The Focus 360 Pro F4 can be used by municipalities in public areas to create an active environment for its citizen.

The Focus 360 Pro F4 is a multifunctional tool offering a variety of drills. Because of its size, the F4 is ideal for individual training.

The F4 can be confirmed with our Ignite Trainer system, which makes a great tool for improving players' orientation abilities.

Furthermore, the F4 can be configured with two goals, which makes allows two players to compete against each other.

The Focus 360 Pro F6 can be used to increase the player's reaction time as it pushes the player to improve on its passes abilities. The F6 is compared to the F4 model, a bigger alternative to individual training, which forces the player to be more precise in game-related situations.

It is similar to the Focus 360 Pro F4, but offers six rebounders instead of four.

The Focus 360 Pro F8 is our biggest model in the Focus 360 series.

Due to its size, players have the opportunity to improve on their passings and receiving. The F8 comes with 8 Ignite Trainers, which forces the player to pass to multiple lights, which increases their orientation abilities.

The F8 can be configured in multiple ways. Players can use it with two integrated goals, which is ideal for small intense matches.

This model can be used by professional sports clubs, academies, or municipalities to offer their citizens a fun and engaging alternative to an active life. 

Goal Station Arena Pro

Goal Station Arena Pro is a comprehensive training environment that takes your training to the next level and maximizes your teams’ potential and individual players' development.

Goal Station Arena Pro is designed to facilitate the development of world-class professional football players so that you can train all components of the game. 

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Goal Station Arena Pro G4 is the perfect fit for single teams seeking an intense and multifunctional training session.

Due to the size, the Goal Station Arena Pro G4 is easier to implement in your current training facilities compared to the G6 and G8 models.

The Goal Station Arena Pro G6 can be used by multiple teams at the same time without players interfering with their teammate's drills.

The G6 creates a dynamic and intense training session with the possibility of arranging multiple exercises.

The Goal Station Arena Pro G8 provides endless possibilities for different drills across the arena.

The G8 has everything to accommodate the ultimate training session.

Its size alone makes it possible to arrange small training matches, individual training sessions, and specialized goalkeeper training - all at once.