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Why is Goal Station a growing platform for football players around the World?


Specialized training

Goal Station suits any level of player from amateur to elite and can be used by individuals or teams.

Specialized training where you can track your performance as an individual, within your team.

Compete against yourself or your teammates – just for fun or if you want to take it to the next level.

We use the Goal Station in our club Fortuna Hjørring, at our Dana Cup SportsCenter, and during the Dana Cup tournament – it totally suits all our needs.

Alison Leigh Forman
Dana Cup Hjørring

Data and informed decisions

“Goal Station is about orientation- and technical drills. This system provides a great supplement for individual training, which we want to promote even further internally.

Then Goal Station generates data and can give us a new perspective on progress and performance. This gives us a baseline for informed decision making “

Peter Feher
Former Danish Superliga Coach

A comprehensive training environment

Goal Station helps us create a comprehensive training environment for players at all levels within our professional pathway.

With this cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team.

Peter Vermes
Sporting Kansas City Manager and Sporting Director

A new player assessment variable

The insights we get from Goal Station are the measurable factors we have right now, that are closest to open play in a real football match.

We as a club should incorporate these metrics into our sample of metrics that we use for internal player assessment.

It provides us with hardcore data about a player’s technical football skills.

Thomas Bælum
AaB, Aalborg Boldspilklub

Unique motivational factor

Goal Station is a concept that has the elements needed for kicking in that motivation for our young players.

The element of a digital playful way of training repetition is excellent. On top of that that the element of presenting player progression and facilitating competition in getting the best result among our players give our players the last 10% of motivation.

Søren Krogh
Assistant coach
OB, Odense Boldklub

Repetition - A silver bullet for improvement

Training in Goal Station ensures that each player completes tons of repetitions in each type of drill.

There is no discussion about if repetition improves a player or not. Training with Goal Station thereby improves our players’ muscle memory needed for carrying out basic skills.

Combine Goal Station training with coaching and you have a great tool for making progress with your players.

Claus Bech Jørgensen
Coach and Former Professional Football Player