Quick Start

The Quick Start feature is the fastest way to start a drill. It works the same way as starting a regular drill, but it is super-easy to get going, and you can play the same drill over and over.

Did your friend beat you? Again? Start a rematch. Don’t go home before you have won a game.


The app is pre-loaded with drills, and drills can be used to train basic skills such as first touch, first pass, short pass, dribbling, or scanning.

You can extend the system’s drills by adding your own, and you can add new types of drills based on your fantasy and experience. The new drills are not only a vast extension of what the system can do. It is also your training advantage over other teams as a coach or a player. When you invent new drills, you can effectively train and measure essential skills in specific game situations. 

Each drill comes with a text description and an illustration of how to set up the drill. When you create your own drills, you can even add your own illustrations or a video recording for your team players.


What if you host an event with lots of football talents you do not know, and they do not have a Goal Station account or their own app?

We did that too. Go to the events tab in the app, and start your event. Select the drill, and if you have a big-screen monitor, connect that to the event. You will now have two screens.

The first screen is used by the instructor. Players can line up, and they can be added on the fly by the instructor. If they have a Goal Station account it can be used with the Events feature, so their data will be added to their statistics.

If not, it is still possible to participate in the event. You may want to post a QR code so those waiting in line can set up their GS account while waiting for their turn.

The second screen will display game progress for the player, who is up next, and a high score list.

It is great fun. Get to watch others when they hit and miss, watch the leaderboard, and keep an eye on your turn to play. The event can go on forever, or until stopped by the instructor.

Two types of lights

We currently support two types of lights. We have the Home Edition Rox, that are great for playing at home. We also support the Ignite Trainers, which are more sturdy and excellent for training in a professional football club.

Both types of lights can be purchased from our Goal Station webshop.

Rebounders and other hardware

Where to play? You can play at home using our Home Edition rebounders. They are smaller and lighter than the professional rebounders, so they are faster to set up and you can easily disassemble them and put them in the shed.

Moving up to a professional level we have the Rebounder Pro, the 360 Pro with 4 to 8 rebounders, and the complete Goal Station arena. You can buy a full stadium from us if you want to, but please do not ask us to set it up in the garden while mum and dad are at work.

It would be a lot of fun, though.

The professional arenas are in use in multiple football clubs at the highest level in Europe, Asia, and North America.

If you want to go pro, please get in touch with our sales team, so we can help you find the perfect solution for your club.

The Rebounder Pro is sturdy and built for daily use in clubs