The Goal Station Arena Pro G8 is an environment that offer the best conditions for endless fun and training improvement!

Goal Station Arena Pro G8

Create the ultimate Goal Station environment for players and coaches with the Goal Station Arena Pro G8.

The ultimate training system

Goal Station Arena Pro provides a multi-functional training area to facilitate an efficient, effective, intensify, and focused training environment. Improve on all of the aspects of the game, keep track of every player, and maximize your potential! Maximize your team potential and individual player development by utilizing the cutting-edge technology integrated into this optimal training facility. It was designed by UEFA Pro License coaches to facilitate the development of world-class professional football players.

The Goal Station Arena Pro G8 provides endless possibilities for different drills across the arena. The G8 has everything to accommodate the ultimate training session. Its size alone makes it possible to arrange small training matches, individual training sessions, and specialized goalkeeper training - All at once! 

The dimensions of the Goal Station Arena allow for the efficient, effective, and precise training of all-encompassing elements of the game. With 8 full-size goals, it replicates a 3rd of the pitch, depending upon which goal is in use

Technical specifications
Meters: 44 x 22 x 3,6


  • 8 x Goals ( 11v11 size )
  • 2 x Goal Targets
  • 8 x LED Flood Light
  • 1 x Focus Trainer Pro T6

Frame: Carbon Black Aluminium
Side Netting Panels: Custom made Black Coated Mesh
Fixed Rebound Panels: Black HDPE eco-friendly thermoplastic

Estimated Dispatch
3-4 Weeks

Incorporate your identity into the Arena

Goal Station allows you to customize your Arena Pro with your logo or partnerships. By incorporating your brand elements, we ensure that the unique aspects of your brand are integrated into your Arena Pro.

Our goal is to make your Arena Pro feel like an integrated part of your club, academy, or organization. 

If you have any questions about what's possible to incorporate into the Arena, feel free to write us an E-mail or fill out the contact form below!

Interested in the Arena Pro G8? 

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