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At Goal Station we make innovative products that can relate to real-life scenarios in the world of football. Our training system optimizes every training session. Studies have shown that each player has approximately 150-250 actions during a 60-minute training session with normal training equipment. By using our training system, the player would participate in 800-1000 actions during the same 60-minute training session. With this data, we quadruple a player's actions and provide intense, effective, and focussed training sessions compared to normal training equipment. 

Together with our partner A-Champs we are offering an effective and innovative training system for clubs to make the most effective training sessions. With the use of data, we believe that our training system can provide coaches and players with an overview of how they perform.

Our training equipment is multi-functional. Based on this, we have created a fun and alternative way for the B2C market to train. We make sure that even your local football club can train with our innovative equipment - just like the professionals do!

And for municipalities, we aim for creating an assembly point for building a community for people in every age group. Our training equipment help to activate people of all ages and create a friendly competitive atmosphere.

We participate in sporting events and tournaments such as Dana Cup 2022 and Gothia Cup 2022.  

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The Ultimate Training System

The training system is multi-functional and appeals to every age group in the world of football. Our system is built with our four cornerstones in mind. Individual are these four cornerstones the same on the market but we have combined them all to produce an ideal training system that is better, multi-functional, and appeals to the professional world of football.


With Goal Station data you get insights into the performance of players using Goal Station products. Data flows instantly and effortlessly to give you the best insights!

By connecting your Coaching Profile to your player’s Profiles, drills results are transferred instantly, allowing coaches and players to track every pass and every drill, performance over time, strengths and weaknesses, and use data to get proof that the players improve!

Using our intelligent Ignite Trainers and our easy-to-use software, we made it possible to track every pass in every drill. Our advanced software is uniquely developed for Goal Station, with pre-set drills, making it simpler than ever to get on the pitch and get results.


Goal Station is developed based on the deliberate practice training methodology. All drills in Goal Station are carefully designed to improve those specific skills that the players need during a football match.

3/4 of actions a football player has during a match include three basic skills;


Therefore, the drills included in Goal Station focus on practicing exactly these three skills – to improve the skills that the players need and use most. And this is the core idea behind Goal Station – to be able to isolate and intensively focus on training exactly what the players need on the pitch, with as many repetitions as possible to maximize the training output.


With the Goal Station app, you get results from the Goal Station drills instantly on your smartphone. Track your performance and records for every drill. You can even unlock History and track your development over time.

Using the app, you can compete with friends using the app’s ranking feature, and become more motivated to play than ever before. The app saves and collects all results from all Goal Station around the world, so you can be sure that drills counts.

Using our application, Goal Station app, you can see instant results from training and compare each training session to the last. Data from each drill you ever did is stored in the Goal Station cloud and can be accessed at any time by activating History.

With the cutting-edge Drill wheel, you can navigate through the drill catalog and access the drills you want to explore.
Take your gamification to the next level by adding your friends and teammates to your ranking list. And push yourself to new standards by keeping track of your improvement – instantly.


We specialize in the design, development, and creation of cutting-edge products and training facilities.

Our products helps you improve on almost every aspects in the game.

By connecting our products to our application, players and coaches are able collect data on players performance during a training session.

We believe in a multi-functional training environment, which means that our products can be used in various settings. 

By combining our product with the newest technology and training methodology, we believe that we have the ultimate training system for both players and coaches.

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