Football Cannon

The Football Cannon shoots the ball with a never before seen accuracy and consistency

The Football Cannon ensures optimum special training for developing players in the field and goalkeepers. Both technically and tactically, the Football Cannon improves the strong and weak points of football players.

Improving and fine-tuning these core competencies and skills require special training – individually, in groups, and in full teams. Some of the most important elements in special training are repetition and precision of the exercises aimed at improving player competencies. The Football Cannon ensures repetition and accuracy every time.

The Football Cannon also ensures more systematic special training where goalkeepers, defenders, and strikers can train ball reception and handling by means of various shot patterns. The Football Cannon can be programmed to make and repeat different shots, variably according to own wishes.

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The individual shots can be programmed both from the monitor and the remote control. With the remote control in the hand, the coaches can now focus on the players rather than handling the machine.

The goalkeeping coaching staff now has the option to focus on the footwork and agility of the goalkeeper in action. In drills with crossing, the coach can again focus on the attacking players or defending players, instead of watching from a distance while kicking the ball.

Benefits in training:


Set pieces:

  • The machine can cross the ball in order to train defensive and offensive set pieces.
  • The machine can cross the ball to players for individual training with 20 balls in the feeder at a time. The remote control allows the player to create variations.
  • Accurate and precise kicks from the machine optimize the training intensity and clearly reduces downtime. Replicate crosses with ease.

Defending and finishing:

  • Attacking players can now receive the ball from different angles, aiming to improve their first touch and striking capabilities.
  • Defending players can concentrate on defensive aspects such as diagonal crosses, passes behind the defensive line, freekicks, and free throws.


  • The machine will prevent the goalkeeping coaching staff from getting injured associated with countless kicks to the ball.
  • The coaches can move around to watch the goalkeepers from different angles, allowing the coaches the opportunity to focus on guidance and observations.
  • The goalkeepers are now able to create individual training with a 20-ball capacity.
  • The balls will be delivered with accuracy and consistency – with the option to make customized variations.
  • Unlike alternative machines, The Football Canon kicks the ball, giving it a humanized effect and the goalkeeper is not able to detect the direction beforehand.

Technical specifications

Ball speed of Maximum 120 km/h

Distance of 60 meters

Size 5 balls

Ball capacity of 20 balls

Weatherproof, IP rating of 54

Remote control with 8 functions

Main battery Lithium, 12AH

Windows operating platform

Monitor size: 7” (Schneider monitor)

Football Canon weight 126 kg

Ball rack weight 9 kg

Size including feeder:

170 cm length

150 cm height

89 cm width


Size excl. feeder:

125 cm length

100 cm height

66 cm width


See the Football Cannon manual here:





The evolution of Football Cannon

The Football Cannon has a rich and interesting history behind it. The Football Cannon was developed with the purpose to make each training session more effective. The idea behind the Football Cannon was established by a professional goalkeeper, Karsten Simensen.

He found that there was a limited amount of tools available to accommodate individual training sessions for goalkeepers. Based on this, Karsten came up with the idea of making an automatized Football Cannon, alongside the philosophy of making individual training sessions accessible to goalkeepers.

The first Football Cannon was made in 1984 and has been frequently optimized and improved on throughout the years. We have created a timeline with pictures, documents, and interesting facts all associated with the Football Cannons history.

Check out the timeline here.

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