Goal Station for players

What if you want to play soccer but are alone and think self-training is a bore? Training with the Goal Station app is a blast. The app will keep you motivated, and you can view your training results and learn how you improve day by day.

You can also train with friends, and your training data from self-training sessions can be viewed along with team training sessions.

Try all the drills, and once you have done so, you can build your own just like a professional coach. Keep training, get better, learn from the data, and have fun while you get to the next level.

Goal Station is your training companion. Stay motivated, and move up the ranks.

GS for clubs

Use Goal Station to get better results for everyone. Are your teams playing tiki-taka? Nothing can improve your passing game more than intensive passing training in the Goal Station arena.

Coaches can also set up drills with long passes, dribbling, and train standard situations repeatedly. Goal Station can be your tool to organize this, and data can be collected across teams.

Your coaches will love the data access and they can see when new talents aspire and how fast they get to a level, where they can move up to the next team.

Use the Club Backoffice Suite to manage your teams, coaches, players, and view statistics across the entire club.

You can also go to the next level and integrate real-time data from training sessions with other data types such as medical data and video data from matches. Upgrade your club account with the Goal Station Business Intelligence Suite to do so.

GS for coaches

How good are your players at first touch, first passes, and short passes? And what about scanning? Are your players looking over the shoulder because you tell them so, or are they actually seeing anything when doing it? 

You can trust your gut feeling about your players’ short game or measure their skills accurately with Goal Station. If you ask about our opinion, we prefer to trust the data.

GS for schools

Goal Station is a great activity in the school. It can be used in sports classes, but also as an extra activity in the schoolyard. Set up a small Goal Station 360 system, and it takes only minutes to start a drill. The students can even do it without help from a teacher.

Goal Station in the school can increase the activity level for students during the day, and that is proven to increase learning during the school day. It is also a fun activity, that will spread joy and make the students have fun together. It is not all about books, remember?

The school can also get access to the Club Backoffice Suite which is helpful to both the school administration and sports teachers. Contact us for further information.

GS for parents

If you hope your kid will grow up and make it to the talent team, use the Goal Station app to follow the progress.

You will learn how the game level is improving for ball control, the passing game, and scanning of the surroundings.

If you want to, you can monitor everything, but we suggest you instead use the data in a helpful manner. Learning from Goal Station data will show the strong and the weak sides of the game, and perhaps it is not about training more but training smarter.

On top of that, a simple system with two rebounders and two lights will keep the kids busy in the garden playing soccer, instead of keeping them busy in the living room playing FIFA on a PlayStation. It is much more fun and a better lifestyle.

Get the kids to play Goal Station, and remember to buy extra sun tan lotion for them. Hopefully, they’ll be in the yard all summer having fun with a football.