Innovative products

We specialize in the design, development, and creation of cutting-edge products and training facilities. Our products helps you improve on almost every aspects in the game. By connecting our products to our application, players and coaches are able collect data on players performance during a training session. We believe in a multi-functional training environment, which means that our products can be used in various settings. 

By combining our product with the newest technology and training methodology, we
believe that we have the ultimate training system for both players and coaches.

Take your skills to the next level


The Rebounders simulate passing to and receiving from a teammate, generating endless possibilities to achieve technical skill mastery.

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Focus Trainer Pro

A complete training system to work on vision, awareness, orientation, reaction time, and decision making.

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Focus 360 Pro

The Focus 360 Pro facilitates the improvement of technical speed and precision, accelerated orientation, reaction time, and decision making, all of which will take your game to the next level.

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Take your shooting practice to the next level

Focus Wall

The Focus Wall enhances your shooting ability by striking quickly and randomly in different locations.

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Ball Training Machine

The Ball Training Machine shoots the ball with a never before seen accuracy and consistency, giving both coach and player the best working conditions possible ever. Ball Training Machine is the football industry's flagship serving machine, created with cutting edge technology.

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The ultimate training environment

Goal Station Arena Pro

Goal Station Arena Pro is the comprehensive training environment that takes your training to the next level.

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