Main page

The Main page is where you will find access to the features available with the Goal Station App.

  1. Profile
  2. Lights - here you connect Ignite Trainers
  3. Quick start - start a drill fast
  4. Drills - deep dive into the different drills
  5. Statistics - explorer your results
  6. Training - set up training session, invite users
  7. Quote of the day - get inspired
  8. Quick help for fast navigation
  9. Online help (this document)


To enter your profile, click on the small icon on the top with your initials. Here you can add additional info to your profile, making it even more personalized. Provide a Nick name to make it easy for coaches to search for you.

You can also see which teams you are connected to in the bottom. In the top right corner you are able to Sign out of your account. 

Should you wish to leave the Goal Station family, you can delete your account at the bottom. Please notice, data can’t be restored.

Note: to comply with GDPR regulations, all profiles have a default setting that prevents other users from viewing all player info but your name. You can unhide your personal info by clicking on Show info.

Connect Ignite Trainers

You can use the Goal Station App to connect Ignite Trainers. This can be done from both tablet and phone. Click on Lights to access the menu. When entering the Lights menu, you can see if lights are added or not. If no lights are added, click the button Add lights.

You turn on Ignite Trainers by placing your hand over the power button on the side of the Ignite Trainers. Hold your hand on the button till the Ignite Trainer turns green and vibrates.  

Keep your mobile device (tablet or phone) within a couple of meters to the Ignite Trainer when connecting.

To connect the Ignite Trainer, click on the Light icon in the middle of the screen. This will activate the Ignite Trainer, making it flash blue and then green.

(please note, if the Ignite Trainer flashes yellow, you must tab it in order to connect)

When the light icon flashes on the screen, the Ignite Trainer is connected.

You can now click on Next to add more lights or click on Done to exit the menu.

In the Manage your lights screen you can see how many Ignite Trainers you have connected.

To add more Ignite Trainers, click the +Add light button in the right corner. 

To manage your lights, click on the individual lights in the menu. 2 buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you would like to keep the Ignite Trainer turned on but not use it for a drill, you can click on Disconnect. You can reconnect by clicking the light. 

If you would like to turn off an Ignite Trainer, please click Turn off. The Ignite Trainers will turn off automatically after 15 mins of no use.


You will now be able to receive notifications with the GS app.

In the right upper corner you will find a bell, indicating notifications. Click on the bell and the notification center opens. If any new messages have been pushed, you will see it here.

As part of notifications you can also get push notifications, allowing you to be alerted that new messages have arrived.