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Get started (Manual)

Do you have more questions than answers? No problem! Check out our manual below

The Goal Station App is developed by Goal Station Digital. All rights reserved. 

The app supports coaches and players in the use of Goal Station. The app contains a range of basic drills focusing on improving fundamental skills like first touch, short pass, and first pass. Drills are set up using Ignite Trainers (light sensors).   

The app allows coaches to create training sessions with drills and players, create customized drills and explore statistics from training sessions. 

The app also allows players to run basic drills with Ignite Trainers, explore their own statistics, compete with friends and customize player profiles.  

Goal Station App is available on both tablets and phones (iOS and Android), and a user profile can be used to log in on both. 

We have created a manual for the users of our app. 

In the manual you will find answers within the following areas: 

  • Sign up and log in
  • How to get started 
  • Quick features
  • Drills 
  • Coaching (Training)
  • Statistics 
  • Coach app

Read our English manual here.

Read our Danish manual here.