In the Drills menu you will find all the drills you have access to in Goal Station App. Here you can find short explanations for each basic drill, see what equipment you need to execute the drill and how to set up the drill.

You can also start each drill by clicking Quick start in the top right corner. Follow the Quick start guide to start the drill.

When entering the Drills menu you will find an overview of the drills available to you. You can filter the drills to find the once that matches your needs. Or search for a drill.

By clicking a drill in the overview you can access it to find out more.

Here you can find information about the number of rebounders and lights needed, which sequence is used and what primary skill is practiced. It is also described how to set up the drill and how to perform it. 

In the bottom you will find an illustration describing how the drill should be set up. 

Customized drills

Customized drills can only be set up on the tablet version. Saved drills will be
available in Drills on both tablet and smartphone versions when using the same

Customized drills are used for creating new drills in the Goal Station app.
New drills can be set up using 3 different sequence engines:

- Normal sequence: this sequence runs the lights in a random order based on the
number of hits chosen for the drill

- Home 2 base: this sequence has a base light and a number of target lights,
depending on the number of lights chosen for the drill. When running the drill, the
player has to come back to the base each time a target light has been turned off

- Indicator sequence: this sequence has an indicator to prepare the player for where to
go next. The indicator is the second light flashing at the same time as the target light.

All sequences have a range of settings that can be adjusted to create the drill exactly as


Step 1:

To work with Customized drills, go to Drills on
your tablet GS app. Here you will find the option
+New Drill in the right corner


Step 2:

To set up a new drill you must start off by adding
a name to the drill.

If you don’t know how to get started with the
drill, you can import settings from a basic drill -
or a drill you have already set up.

If you don’t import settings, choose the
sequence you would like to base your drill on


Step 3:

Now set the number of hits for the drill.
Set the number of lights and the number of

Set the delay (the time from one light turns off till
the next one turns on) and set the time out (the
time a light is turned on before it turns off if not

Set sensitivity and set the skill practiced with
this drill (used for filtering).


Step 4:

Next is choosing the flashing mode. This is how
the lights flash during a drill.

Last up is choosing the color of the lights.
When all settings are filled in, press Save. Your
drill is now ready.


Step 5:

If you choose Home 2 base, you will need to
choose the flashing and color of lights for both
the base light and the target lights.

If you choose Indicator, you will need to choose
the flashing and color of lights for both the target
light and the indicator light.


Step 6:

When you have saved your drill you can see it in
the drill overview.

If you would like to edit it, click on the drill (tablet
version only).

If you would like to run the drill, go to Quick Start
or add it to a training session (tablet version

For the smartphone version, you can run the
drill from Quick Start and from Drills.