Release Notes

Read about every new version of the Goal Station app

Version 19.0.0

New Features

Added time filter

The user is able to add a leaderboard time filter that displays 7 days, 30 days, or all.

Custom Drill

The user is able to create a new drill from "Custom Drill".

Light Sequence for "Home to Base"

The light sequence for the "Home to Base" sequence can be set to either fixed or random.


Version 18.0.0

New Drill Page Design and Features

The pages for executing drill sessions have been redesigned and now include new features like changing the player order and a setting for whether the next player in a drill session should start automatically after the previous player finished their round, or if that transition should be done manually instead.


There is a new page under statistics for displaying the best result for each player under a coach, filtered by the drill.

Remove Drill and Replay

It is now possible to remove a drill from a training session, and a new replay button when using the quick start drill function. You are now able to delete a training session from your list of training sessions.


Version 17.0.0

This version contains some minor changes to some of the headlines and some important bug fixes concerning the statistics page. 

We have also improved the search logic for finding players and now you can, as a player, remove yourself from a team and start quick drills where you are not participating yourself.


Version 16.0.0 

This version contains minor bug fixes as well as changes to the wizard setting up lights. You are now able to see the battery level for the lights and set one light to be the starting light for drills and events.


Version 15.0.0

Now the system displays a prediction about player's result during drill's execution within the Event.

Bugs relating to pause of event have been fixed.

Counting of misses has been changed. Now the system counts miss, when a player doesn't hit the light during timeout period.


Version 14.0.2

The improved Event feature lets users create and run events for both new and existing Goal Station app players. Add or remove players during the event, broadcast to a big monitor or a TV for spectators and players to follow the event, the results, and the hi-score list. 

A new help pop-up explains how to create and broadcast your own event.


Version 14.0.1

Notification about App updates has been improved.

Bugs relating lights behavior and sending of notifications have been fixed.


Version 14.0.0

Event Feature

The user is now able to start their own event, select a basic drill within this feature, add players from the app or add a new non-app player to the selected drill, and start, pause, and stop the event drill manually.
Access to the event feature is via the “Event” button on the training session screen.
The screen with the players’ drill execution is broadcast to a TV set via the appropriate URL in the TV’s browser. This feature is only available in the tablet version of the app.

Quick Training Feature

The user is now able to create a quick training session with players from their player list. The user picks a drill, selects number of rounds, difficulty level (if basic drill), and which players from their list. In this case the system does not add the user to the list of players who are doing the drill.
This feature is only available in the tablet version of the app.