Player of the Month

Welcome to Goal Station Player of the Month! 


Here we will list a person to be our Player of the Month every month starting from December 2022. We pick a player who uses and post content with our Goal Station products on websites, social media, or other platforms. If you want us to see your content either message us on Instagram with it or use the hashtag #goalstation.

If you get picked, we will put you on the front page of our website for a couple of days, you can find a post of yourself under our "Player of the Month" section and post you to our social media with a story and post. 

When you get picked we need the following:

- A picture of you (We would prefer it to be with Goal Station products)

- Text about why you love using our products or what you like about them in training

- A statement from you

- Your social links, link your Instagram, or what you want.  

*By accepting being selected to our POTM you give permission for us to use your statements and content on our website and social media!

If you have any questions on how to be picked or what to do, feel free to message us on Instagram or at

Current winner of POTM - December 2022


Player of the Month - Topscorer_k_10

Statement from Topscorer_k_10:

"I have now trained with football training for 2 years, using Goal Station for all my training sessions. I enjoy training in an enclosed area, where the balls do not have to be fetched from far away. It gives a much greater flow in my training, it just gives many more finishes. I also use Goal Station's Rebounders, which help me with passing when I train players.  It is a unique tool for training vision, orientation, and first touch before finishing on goal."

Go check out Topscorer_k_10:

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